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Jot & Tittle

Jot & Tittle allows anyone to learn Hebrew straight from the Bible by introducing the Hebrew Alefbet through the Weekly Torah portions. For each Torah portion there is a quick two-page lesson. By the end of a year, you can know all 54 names, what they mean, and what's going on in the chunk of scripture where they're found. It's quick, it's easy, and it's fun... So dig in!

Level 1, a workbook for beginning Hebrew readers of all ages, 169 pages

Search the Sidra

Search the Sidra takes up where Jot & Tittle leaves off, but is intended for anyone who has already had exposure to the Hebrew Alefbet. Search the Sidra opens the Torah for a firsthand glimpse. Build your Hebrew vocabulary with words taken from key Torah verses and acquire literacy in the Torah. Plenty of practice reading, writing, and spelling and lots of fun puzzles to do week by week. You'll be amazed at what you learn!

Level 2, a puzzle book for beginning Torah at any age, 293 pages

Sing the Sidra

Take a few miniutes to Sing the Sidra yourself! Learn the trope tunes, week by week, portion by portion, as you revisit 54 familiar verses. Hum along with the CD, fill in the workbook, chant both Hebrew and English, and hear the opera come alive. By year's end, Torah's song will burst forth from deep inside your heart!

Level 3, a Torah chanting workbook for Hebrew readers, 270 pages with audio CD




Hebrew Learning Fun!

Jot & Tittle cover Search the Sidra cover Sing the Sidra cover

Each workbook:

Start your learning experience with Jot & Tittle. Master additional vocabulary with Search the Sidrah. Make the words of Torah a song in your heart as you learn to chant them with Sing the Sidra.

Can be ordered through First Fruits of Zion or